Greetings to all dear ones

We should first of all thank you for the warm presence and kindness of our beloved ones who have made us trustworthy and have given our assistance to reach the oppressed and kind people of Balouchestan.

According to our mission, a report on the process of assistance has been provided to you.

Thank you for your help

Opening an eye seminar in Chabahar and the presence of Dr. Rouhani for a lecture on the subject of Characteristics Of uveitis cataract

On the sidelines of the seminar, in cooperation with Ms. Raisi, Managing Director of Avai Lighting and Indigenous Peoples, a number of Chabahar clients, thanks to Mr. Dr. Kikha, the Honorable President of Imam Ali Hospital, were provided with free visits and all necessary services to complete the ophthalmic services. And the treatment process was completed with the necessary coordination.