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Sistan and Baluchestan province with an area of about 187502 square kilometers and a total population of more than two million 800 thousand people, as the largest province with the lowest population density, is located in south-eastern Iran. The province has about 1,100 kilometers of common border with neighboring countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. The prevalence of tropical and poverty-related diseases in this province, in terms of extent, climatic conditions and economic and cultural poverty, is in most cases the country’s top priority. Also due to family disputes that have been and continue to happen for generations because of cultural beliefs and beliefs, hereditary diseases are very common in the area.As an independent legal entity, NGOs have played an undeniable role in improving the living conditions of human societies in most social areas around the world. Also today, our government and our respected Iranian authorities have taken a good approach to these NGOs. So, based on the current situation, we decided to set up an eye protection association called Noor Pajouhan Shargh in January 2014, along with a number of ophthalmologists and staff working at Zahedan Ophthalmology Center. By establishing its goals on 4/4/93, the Association was able to establish itself as the Honorable Governor of the Parvaneh Province, and by holding frequent meetings and using the guidance of informants, it established the Institute’s Office to pursue its goals and to conduct research, diagnostic work. Establishing the first specialized clinic for glaucoma, the first specialized clinic for glaucoma, was established in Zahedan University of Medical Sciences in January of 2013 with a work permit. Today, in addition to accepting, filing, treating these patients and participating in free screenings, for all the blind and visually impaired members of the province’s Blind Society, it is providing medical and medical assistance and, while providing medical services, as much as possible in other fields. Existence also helps these patients.