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• Overall goalsProviding effective and efficient services to the ophthalmic patients in need.Training people in the community to prevent eye injuries.Perform basic and applied field research in the field of eye diseases.• Specific goalsOpening of specialized glaucoma clinic in Zahedan.Launching an appropriate website for the association to disseminate the latest scientific information for patients in order to promote the scientific level of users and patients and to communicate with relevant communities at home and abroad.Providing appropriate educational programs for the provincial community using available and accessible media.Comprehensive software for recording glaucoma patients information.Establishment of a research and treatment center for specific eye diseases in the province.Provide necessary financial support to patients with eye problems.Support activities for patients covered by the Association of the Blind.Conducting field research to find out more about the status of ophthalmic diseases in the province.To help improve the vision of students at the margins of the city and province in collaboration with the University of Medical Sciences and the Provincial Office of Education and Training.Launching and collaborating on relevant forums and seminars.Collecting public and charitable donations from the province and the country to expand the community’s activities to achieve the various goals mentioned above.