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In the Name of God

Proceedings of the Association for the Advocacy of Ophthalmologists of the Eastern Nur-Pajouhan

First Chapter – Totality and goals :

Article 1

The name of the People’s Organization is the symbol of the Society for the Protection of the Ophthalmologists of the Eastern Ophthalmologists, hereinafter referred to as “the Association”.

Article 2

The type of activity: all non-political and non-governmental nonprofit and association activities in the subject of health and full compliance with the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran and this statute will work.


Article 3


The scope of the activities of the association in the province of Sistan and Baluchestan.


Article 4


Location: The main center of the Society in Sistan va Baluchestan Province is the zahedan of the Palestinian Boulevard and the Saderat Bank Corner of owghaf and If necessary , it can create a branch or directory after obtaining a license from the licensing authority in other parts of the country or outside the country.


Article 5


– Nationality


The nationality of the Islamic Republic of Iran and all its members declare their commitment to the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Article 6


the duration of the society ‘s activity has long been indefinite .


Article 7


Movable and immovable property of the association, including the amount of 10 million rials, which has been fully paid by the Founding Board and provided to the association.


Article 8


The founder of the association of persons who have to prepare for the formation of the uprising and after the establishment of the will as the founder of responsibility.


Article 9


The goals of the community are :


A : General


preventive education of assistance and assistance with patients suffering from visual needs and fundamental research in this field at the province level 


B : Target execution method


1-Do field research to examine the eye problems in the province for the purpose of proper planning


2-educating the target community in order to prevent eye injuries .


3-Providing diagnostic and medical facilities to the target community


4-providing equipment and medical appliances for patients requiring eye – eye contact


5-Collecting donations and popular maple volunteers to provide services to the wider community


6-Liaise with international authorized forums to exchange information and share experiences


7-organising and co – operation in seminars and scientific communities in the province


8-holding charity bazaar under consideration of the current criteria


Article 10


Membership conditions : adherence to religion indicates Islam and the constitution of the Islamic Republic –

Good reputation


Types of membership : original – honorary


CHAPTER TWO : structure


Article 11


The organs of the association are :


1.General Assembly 2.board of directors 3.

The inspector


Article 12


The General Assembly of the founder of the Founding Board and has the following tasks:


1-The initial measures to establish;


2-Preparation of the statute and its approval


3-Select the first managers and inspectors of the association


Priority I :The majority of the necessary for the formation of the General Assembly of the founder of the first time with the presence of half plus one of the members and


In the absence of the quorum majority required, the second with the presence of a third of members will be recognized by the court.


Priority II : The General Assembly ‘s decisions are approved by the majority of the two thirds of the votes of the audience by affirming the authority of the licensing authority and the specialized body .


Article 13


Normal General Assembly:


The General Assembly consists of all the members and is the highest decision-making authority that is formed in the form of ordinary or extraordinary

Article 14


The annual ordinary general assembly will be held in May. Meeting with the presence of half plus one of the members in recognition of the first time and with the presence of any number of members will be formed in the second official 
Priority I : The majority needed to adopt the General Assembly ‘s decision , in addition to one vote , will be in the official session of the Assembly except for the selection of directors or auditors which will be proportional to the majority vote . If the majority are not reached , the second meeting will be held at least ten days and the meeting will be met with any number of the present members .
Priority II :The ordinary General Assembly may be wonderful at any time at the request of the board of directors or the inspector or at the request of one fifth of the members – If the board of directors or the inspector within 20 days at the request of the members of the General Assembly is formed not act –
Priority III :Invitation to the ordinary General Assembly through the insertion of an advertisement in the newspaper kathir current at least 10 days and a maximum of 40 days before the assembly accepts the invitation and written form
Priority IV : Widely circulated newspaper for Insert announcements is Zahedan Newspaper .
Article 15
The duties of the General Assembly
1.Select the members of the board of directors and inspectors
( Basic and Substitute )
2.The report of the board of directors and the inspector.
3.Establishing community general policy
4.Review and adoption of board proposals
5.Approval of the balance sheet and budget of the Association
6.determining newspapers for posting ads and advertisements .
7.The dismissal of the members of the board of directors and inspectors
8.Determining the membership
9.Approval of the publication of the Journal
Article 16
The extraordinary general assembly
The extraordinary general assembly will be set up under the following conditions : the request of a majority of board members or inspectors;
2.At the request of one fifth of the members if the board of directors or the inspector within 20 days at the request of the members of the General Assembly not act
Priority I :The majority of the necessary for the formation of Extraordinary General Assembly the first time the same conditions ordinary General Assembly, and in the second time with the presence of more than one third of the members who have the right to vote is formed
Priority II : the extraordinary general assembly decisions with a two – thirds vote will be valid at the meeting .
Article 17
The functions of the extraordinary general assembly:
1.Approval of changes in the statute
2.Review and approve or reject the dissolution
3.The change in the amount of capital
4.The dissolution before the date
5.Any change in the nature of
Article 18
The General Assembly by the board of directors, composed of a chairman, a clerk and two observers are office
Priority I :The members of the board of directors of the board of directors and inspectors should not be acceptable candidates and announced his candidacy in the general assembly will be selected
Priority II :The chairman of the board of directors of the board of directors of the General Assembly, unless the issue of dismissal or selection of the board of directors.
Priority III :The ordinary general assemblies, wonderful and wonderful with the supervision of the Ministry of the interior is held
Article 19
The board of directors :
The association has a board of directors composed of 5 members and 2 main members will substitute .

Priority I : The board meetings were approved by more than half the members, and the decided measures decided by the majority of the votes would be valid .

Priority II : The participation of the board members at the meetings is required and the absence of any member shall be absent without prior notification to three consecutive sessions or five consecutive sessions during the year in order of the resignation of the member.

Priority III : The invitation of the Board of Directors should be made legal at least seven days before the meeting .

Article 20

in the event of resignation or death or depriving the conditions of any of the members of the board or ombudsman , the board will assign responsibility for the board of directors or inspection instead of the principal member .
If the number of directors or inspection is less than the number of members and the entry of substitutes is not complete , the re – election of the General Assembly shall be held either in general or in an extraordinary degree in the moratorium on completing the remaining number of members.
Article 21
in addition to the regular meetings and at least once a month , the board of directors would make an extraordinary meeting with the appointment or call of the boss or vice president .
Priority :The formation of an extraordinary meeting, according to internal regulations, which will be approved by the Board of Directors
Article 22
The members of the board of directors at the first meeting that after being selected from among themselves one constitute the chairman and one vice president and treasurer will choose their authority, the statute or a letter to the Assembly members will be clear.
Priority I : The board of directors is required after determining the offices were, up to a week from among themselves or a person to choose the manager and the limits of authority and for the assignment and determine the fees
Priority II :The CEO can not at the same time, the chairman of the board of directors, except with the approval of three-fourths of the members of the General Assembly
Priority III : The board will be able to remove those above mentioned posts at any time .
Priority IV : The board , if necessary , can define other posts for the other board members .
Article 23
The board will be elected for two years . The re – election of the board members is unhindered for later periods .
Article 24
The Board is the legal representative of the Association , and its duties and powers within the framework of the statute are as follows :
the protection and protection of movable and movable properties , payment of debts and receivables collection , execution of proceedings of public assemblies , judicial proceedings and registration in all legal stages in the courts , determination of verdict and appointment of all or part of his authority to each other person ( legal or real ) and other duties according to the board statute . in general , the board can undertake any transaction that is necessary to know about the transfer and transfer of movable properties which require approval of the general assembly , after the society ‘s approval of the assembly . at the end of his tenure , the board is also required to invite the general assembly to the new general assembly and the new ombudsman . before the end of the ad , the board of directors must submit the agenda of the general assembly , the time and place of the holding and list of names of the members to the licensing authority and announce at least two days before the end of his tenure .
Priority I : The board has all the powers required to govern the Authority under the provisions of the Statute of the General Assembly , except on matters relating to the provisions of this statute and action on them in the specific competence of the General Assembly .

Priority II :

After the approval of the board of directors in the transactions or paying the cost of 5/000/000 Rials to the current amount without the approval of the General Assembly Act
Article 25
The main inspector association has 1 people and 1 people serving as a reserve inspector in ordinary General Assembly are elected by written vote and for one year. It is possible to re-election inspectors
Article 26
the following persons can ‘t be elected inspector :
1.Those convicted of committing a crime under a certain verdict by the court in general or partly on social rights;
2.The managers and CEO of the Association;
3.Far away family and close the directors and the managing director of the first and second to third degree
4.The wife of the managers and CEO of the Association
Article 27
the inspector ‘s duties are as follows :
1.Checking for all financial documents and papers and reporting for the General Assembly ;
2.the annual report of the board of directors including finance and non – financial reporting and performance reporting for the general assembly ; of any board violations of the statute of the general assembly ;
4.The written comments about the accuracy of the form of finance, performance and content and information that the board of directors and managers have been given to the General Assembly;
5.Other tasks that the statute and the laws and regulations of the subject is the responsibility of the inspector.
Priority : The inspector can without having the right to vote in the meetings of the board of directors of the company
Article 28
The inspector could make any inquiry into the operation of the council at any time and claim the necessary documents and documents , and if necessary , demand an extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly .
Article 29
executive directors , ceos and inspectors will remain in charge until their successor has been elected by the general assembly .
Article 30
The CEO is the highest executive officer of the Association , and in about the authority granted by the Board of Directors and the Statute , he is considered a representative and has a right to sign on behalf of the Society .
Priority I : The removal of the executive is the executive authority of the board , which must be documented .
Priority II : the ceo tenure is not more than the board of directors , but his re – election is ok with the provisions of this statute . in the expiry of the term , the ceo is obliged to perform the assigned tasks .
Priority III : All the securities and portfolios with the signature of the CEO and the treasurer , and in the absence of the treasurer , will be validated by the signature of the board chairman and by the seal of the Association . 
Article 31
The executive director of the resolutions of the General Assembly and the board of directors and has the following powers and responsibilities:
1.Legal representation in official institutions and authorities against real and legal persons
2.Hiring and dismissal of employees about rules and regulations and with the approval of the board of directors
3.Property maintenance , assets , accounts , documents , and offices
4.The powers that in case or period from the board of directors is granted to him
5.Providing the necessary proposals on development, improvement and coordination in the activities of the board of directors for presentation to the General Assembly
6.Draft a sheet of balance sheet , budget , policy and annual report to review the board and send to the General Assembly .
7.draft regulations required for plan and decision on board of directors
8.monitoring and coordinating activities of branches , deputies and offices after legal stages
9.The proposal of holding a meeting of the extraordinary general assembly with a number of valid causes for passing the board .
10.To do other duties and powers granted to the CEO in accordance with the statute and the relevant rules and regulations .
Article 32
the rights and privileges of the ceo are determined by the board of directors .
If the CEO is not a board member , he can participate in the board meetings without voting rights .
CHAPTER 3 : Budget and miscellaneous materials
Article 33
The Association ‘s Budget is funded through :
A – a gift of donation and donation from both domestic , foreign , governmental , and nongovernmental .
C-The result of the activities carried out in the framework of the activities of the goals of the Statute of the organization and regulations
D-The right to join in the forum
Article 34
The Association is required to file revenue and expenses with the Registrar and submit it with a performance report for up to two months after the end of each fiscal year to the licensing authority.if the authority is asked for financial reporting during the year , the association is obliged to submit it .
Priority I : The board shall be required to act on the opening of the bank account in one of the official banks and allocate all annual revenues according to the statute and duties and maintenance funds on the population ‘s expenses in the same account .if there were funds for the expenses of the community , in the same account
Priority II : the financial year of the association is in accordance with the solar year and is always terminated by the end of november , with the exception of the first year of the first year from the beginning of the year .All documents , files and correspondence are kept in the club ‘s central office.
Priority III : Official correspondence of the Association agrees with the signature of the CEO .
Priority IV : the board of directors of the board shall be registered and signed at special offices in the order of date .
Article 35
the board is obliged to declare any change or amendment of the statute to the licensing authority of the licensing authority and , if approved , shall ratify the general assembly and the result shall be submitted to the licensing authority .
Article 36
the board of directors is obliged to announce the changes of address such as location , contact numbers , e – mail and other similar items to the certifying agency .
Article 37
The board will have a special stamp , seal , or logo that its text will be prepared by the board of directors and regulation, and the board is required to submit the appropriate seal , seal and logo to the export license authority.
Priority : The board has a legal responsibility to protect and safeguard the authority
Article 38


In the case of the dissolution of the Extraordinary General Assembly at least 3 people as the purification and this delegation will be required after the accounts and debt and the remaining demands and determine the assets of certain immovable property and movable property, including the assembly to bring wonderful.The board is obliged to submit the result to the licensing authority of the Ministry of Action .

Priority I :

Extraordinary General Assembly is required to finance the organization after the dissolution of the Supervision Authority for issuing permits to one of ngos with similar activities, determined to leave

Priority II :The purification of the association according to the provisions of the statutes and laws will be accepted

Priority III : The treatment of a person as the director of the refined selection

Priority IV :The director is required to submit a copy of the report of the purification treatment to provide reference licensing and registration of companies

Article 39

if the statute contained in the objectives of the statute needs to obtain a special permit from other government agencies , the association is obligated to proceed with the required licence .

Article 40

in cases where the statute is unanticipated , it is based on the bylaws related to the establishment and activity of ngos .

Article 41

The statute included 3 chapters and 41 articles and 34 articles in a 2014 – 03 session of the founding general assembly .