Greetings and kindness to all the nobles in the service, wishing them a Happy New Year and wish them all the best.We would like to inform that servers who wish to contribute to the new God-centered Center for the Protection of Ophthalmologists of the Eastern Nursing Center can deposit their desired amount into Mellat Bank Card Number:6104337896213038 or Account Number 5858595911
Thanks for your help dear ones

– The progress of the new building on 4/7/12


– Hold a meeting of the Statistics Committee with members present in the forum
– Hold a board meeting in the community

– Shopping Cart CallIn the name of the Lord GodThese days, for some, smaller tables and for some there is no table.Our community, with the help of loved ones who like to be with us, supplies a basket of goods twice a year and provides to the blind and visually impaired in need. The holy month of Ramadan also, in accordance with its intrinsic philosophy, challenges us to realize it in this way.Therefore, the loved ones who are willing to participate in this God-willing process can choose their favorite date until 1/8/12, which is the 21st of Ramadan, or 603769199006 card number. Account 0106983284007with “Name of the Association of Eastern Light Researchers”.Please, nobles, please email the deposited amount, the date – title (Ramadan basket) as well as if you wish to give your name and surname to the 24 hour 3000761790 messenger.Thank you for your trust.

– Meeting with one of the esteemed families covered by the Association, by Mr. Rouhani, CEO and a group of staff


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