– Meeting of the Honorable Managing Director of Nour Pajouh-e Shargh Eye Protection Association, Mr. Dr. Rouhani with the Honorable Governor of Ms. Naderi’s Short Stakeholder AssociationAlso a free examination of the honorable clients of this association was conducted by Dr. Rouhani, the services and donation of glasses on 2018/4/14 at the Specialized Clinic of Nour-Pajouhan Shargh.


– Deputy of Social Affairs to meet with the Executive Director of Noor Pajouhan Association of Shargh


– Hold a board meeting in the community

– Mr. Brahui, Honorable Representative of the Welfare Organization, meets with Dr. Rouhani to plan the examination of three to six year old children with eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma and … by Dr. Rouhani


– Developing project of Noor Pajouhan Charity Ophthalmology Specialty Building project


– Free cataract of one of the loved ones of “Dr. Rouhani’s short stint in Sistan and Baluchestan province”


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