– Free practice of strabismus by Dr. Rouhani

Dear Dr. Mohammad Reza Rouhani and Dr. Kurosh Shahraki

(Your presence is a prophetic hint that pain may be in your hands)

Thank you for giving your eyes a high level of lightness and endurance in your eyes with the help of the Sadr Sadr, the sense of altruism and goodwill, with the diligence, diligence and diligence of the members of your short association. On the courtesy of your short members, thank you for your kindness, kindness and happiness.

Sincerely yours: Maryam Naderi Javid

Sistan & Baluchestan Association of “Your Highness”


– Report on the free plan of screening for glaucoma in the first six months of the year

Number of calls to the patient: 1 person

Total number of referrals: 1 person

Total number of referrals to physician: 1 person

Suspected glaucoma: 1 person

Sufferer: One person

Narrow angle: 1 person

Six of the patients referred did not see a physician.


– Meetings of the Planning Committee and the Board of Directors, as well as a meeting with Mr. Dehnavi on the process of working at the Blind Broom Workshop.

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