– Holding three meetings with the honorable staff of the association

– Hold a staff meeting

– Holding a meeting with the representative of Mr. Baba’i Association at the invitation of Mr. Salari, Honorable Representative of Semnens on the subject of “sympathy and acquaintance of Semn.”

– Representative of the Association of Ms. Aghili in the meeting of the Social Vice President on “The purpose of creating a social health attitude and getting acquainted with the formation and setting up of a neighborhood health center”

– Donation of a Basket of 100.000.000 Rls worth of Honorable Dr. Ghasemzadeh to the Association of the Blind of Zahedan

– The Honorable President of Education, Mr. Nakhaei, with the Executive Director of Nurpohozhan East


– Celebration of the International Day of the White Crescent and Honorable Dr. Rouhani and his accompanying delegation, at the Association of the Blind in Zahedan



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