Greetings for your service, dear supporter

A not so easy year has passed, with the sympathy and kindness of honorable people like you, who lit the light of hope in the hearts and eyes of countless needy patients, and with God’s help, we were able to simplify only a few of the passing pains of their lives. Yes, our mission is to learn love and make life sweeter for ourselves and others, and to do our best to give the beautiful sense of seeing to the needy eyes next year with all the power of our association and with your unparalleled kind capital. We are proud of your unwavering trust and support

Let us love in the name of Hazrat Doust


Dear friends and companions, at the same time with the seventh spring of the association and due to the approach of the holy month of Ramadan, we intend to prepare and present 200 gift gift cards worth 100,000 tomans each to the clients. We are sure that these tablecloths and hands will not be deprived of the joy of your kind gifts these days. The end time for collecting donations will be May 2021

We are waiting for the help of sympathizers.