The association has been operating since June 2014 as an NGO. Due to the deprivation of Sistan and Baluchestan province and due to humanitarian commitments, some of the beneficiaries have undertaken the following services:


– Covering all members of the Zahedan Association of the Blind in terms of ophthalmology services and essential non-medical support. So far, about 300 families of these patients have filed a case file.

Since glaucoma is a growing disease, a specialized glaucoma clinic has been set up and all patients with and in need have been provided with free services in every respect.

– Within two years (2015 – 2016) elementary students of the city’s periphery who will be the future makers of this boundary and canvas have been covered for free by the Society and periodically follow-up is required for all ophthalmic patients of this vulnerable stratum. Is happening.

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